Please know how much I appreciate all that you do. I wish I could hook up a “work meter” to you to be able to quantitatively receive work values and metrics regarding effort and output. I know that you’d be OFF the scale, and you always do it with a smile on your face, super positive attitude and zero whining. You are the BEST! Just wish I could clone you.
Matthew B. Huish, CAO, Sandy City

Eric is a creative problem solver. He excels at brand creation and brand awareness. He successfully managed many projects and I always appreciated his dedication to the quality of the outcome. He is a great teammate and I loved working with him!
Mark Young, President/CEO, Granite Credit Union

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Eric on several projects. He is a true delight to work with. His attitude and personality make it so you want to be with him 24/7. His professionalism and expectations do not waiver. He simply expects the best and will not tolerate anything but the best. He is professional, timely, prepared, encouraging, and knows how to work with all types of personalities and skills. Eric is one of the most ethical men I know. I can not wait for the opportunity to work with him again. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later!
Mindy Pack, Voice Coach/Owner Mindy Pack Vocal Studio, NVCS Trained Clinical Vocologist, Owner of The Voice Straw, Co-Owner of The Svara Project, Licensed Massage Therapist

Eric is one of the most talented professionals in the marketing and advertising/graphic design field I have ever worked with. I have had the good fortune of living and working in some of the most high powered regions in the country — New York, Washington, D.C. the San Francisco Bay Area — with many experts in the communications industry and you won’t find a more creative, results-oriented pro than Eric. He’s also a good people person. He’s never disappointed me or my clients.
Jann Hemming, Public Relations and Communications Executive and Consultant

Eric is a dynamic leader who embodies cheer and inspires those around him to be their very best. He truly is a master of strategic communications. I feel incredibly fortunate to have completed an internship with Eric’s team, as it was an environment where creativity thrived and the highest standards of excellence were continually met. He led by example as he worked right alongside his team, ensuring a collaborative atmosphere. Eric is someone full of vision—a creative who can take the spark of an idea and make a marketing masterpiece. I believe that it’s every professional’s hope to work under the leadership of someone like Eric.
Kathryn Hackman, Communications and Outreach Assistant, SLC RDA

Eric is a creative, experienced, knowledgeable and talented marketing professional. He brings a wealth of first-hand experience to bear on projects and creates tangible results for his clients. And when the pressure is on or when the going gets tough, he always keeps a cool head, stays focused and maintains a positive outlook.
Dave Loach, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at IC Group Inc.

After nearly 25 years providing marketing and business communication solutions for my clients, there is NO ONE else I would rather have do my own or my clients’ design work than Eric Richards. Eric is both highly creative and insanely pragmatic — a combination almost unheard of in this business. He knows how to come up with a solution that works for any budget, any personality, any brand. And, he delivers every stage of the project with grace, humor, and wonderful personal style. Moreover, Eric is an astute businessman, able to offer savvy advice to jump-start any marketing/business development effort. You just simply can’t go wrong working with Eric Richards.
Kathi Whitman, Owner, InCredible English, Manager of Provider Communications at SelectHealth

Eric is a fantastic vocal coach who has a broad understanding of the techniques of Speech Level Singing and who can effectively teach those techniques to his students. Lessons with Eric are fun and positive and allow his students to find and express their own creativity and style. Most importantly students will hear and feel the difference as their vocal skills improve and their confidence grows.
Jann LeVitre, Contract Software Engineer at State of Utah, Owner JL Tek Solutions, Performer and Dancer

I’ve worked with Eric many times over the past 15 years – as an associate serving the same client and as a subcontractor working with Eric’s clients. In every instance I’ve been impressed not only with Eric’s creativity as a designer/creative director, but also his firm grounding in principles of marketing and visual communication. Eric does not simply produce beautiful designs; he asks the right questions to make sure the client’s project communicates clearly to the intended audience and, in the process, helps the client clarify and articulate business vision and goals. Not only is Eric results-driven, he is also fun to work with! I recommend Eric without hesitation to anyone seeking creative visual branding of their product or service.
Sue Martin, Artist, Teacher, Publicist at Sue Martin Fine Art

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