“Life is somehow easier when you surround yourself with those that remind you of your WORTH rather than your WEAKNESS.”

“Sometimes your kindness is all a person has.”

“May love and luck find you sitting in a beautiful patch of life.”

“We are all made out of the same powder.” -Eric K. Richards quote with the help of a 7-year-old

“Pillaging brings not peace. Rioting delivers no regard. Ostracizing creates no oneness. YET. Conversing nurtures kindness. Understanding ushers unification. Mending heals humankind.”

“My, oh my my. MY! The world could be a better place if we minimize this word in our conversations. ‘Our beliefs. Our responsibility. Our friendship. Our life together. Our world.'”

“You can’t love people out of their dark places. They have to do that for themselves. You can simply LOVE.”

“Extinguish hate with love.”

”Kindness bears fruit in the winter of someone’s life.”

“An extra, deep breath is the formula for success and internal peace.”

“Remember to greet and inspire yourself like you would your dearest friend.”

”When you reflect on your life, never cast a shadow on your future. ”

“I listened and so I heard.”

”Love isn’t a stagnant pond, love is a constant ripple and gentle wave towards the one(s) you love.”

“Words carelessly flung about can wound yet, when carefully crafted, can heal the heavy soul or bridge the misunderstood exchange.”

”One of the most yet powerful changes we can make is how we think.”

“I tried to walk in your shoes but they wouldn’t fit, so I just went barefoot beside you.”

“Creativity is forged, found, and honed in the nooks and crannies, the disconnect of pure logic, the gaps in understanding, the newness of seeing things from an altered perspective, the willingness to mentally leap, and the ability to flip an old notion on end.”

You walked past me smiling at me and made my day a little brighter.

Our actions, whether good or bad, whether out in the open or behind closed door, ALWAYS have an impact on other humans. 

Don’t allow the couch to become your death throne.

Beauty is more than skin deep, it extends to the depths of one’s soul.

Look into my eyes a little deeper and we might find an exchange of hearts.

G.L.I.M. – Good Luck It’s Monday

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