“Life is somehow easier when you surround yourself with those that remind you of your WORTH rather than your WEAKNESS.

“Sometimes your kindness is all a person has.”

“May love and luck find you sitting in a beautiful patch of life.”

“We are all made out of the same powder.” -Eric K. Richards quote with the help of a 7-year-old

“Pillaging brings not peace. Rioting delivers no regard. Ostracizing creates no oneness. YET. Conversing nurtures kindness. Understanding ushers unification. Mending heals humankind.”

“My, oh my my. MY! The world could be a better place if minimize this letter combination in our conversations. ‘Our beliefs. Our responsibility. Our friendship. Our life together. Our world.'”

“You can’t love people out of their dark places. They have to do that for themselves. You can simply LOVE.”

“Extinguish hate with love.”

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