Edna was one of the most challenging roles I have ever played. I can’t say I would be rushing to wear high heels in a show ever again but the experience was worth the journey. I have a new appreciation for the effort woman put into themselves. I was certainly grateful for the backstage crew that helped me get into the body suit every night and spend a good chunk of time doing a makeover on me. It took 5 months for my middle toe to heal from being black and blue from wearing the size 15 heels they ordered from a drag queen shop in New York. The one thing I realized about the role is that you must play it like a woman, not a man in drag. I watched numerous clips of the many actors that played the role to help define who Edna is. I will never forget the night while leaving Tracy in the jail cell scene, saying the line “Touch one hair on my little girls ‘back” and I’ll give you a whole new meaning for split ends.” …ugh! It was supposed to be “head.” Christian Harmon who played the guard was busting up as I was pointing at his face in the scene. He had me so flabbergasted in that show from the various lines I would unknowingly put my own spin on. One of my fondest memories will always be the magic I felt in “Your Timeless to Me.” Zach Archuleta was always such a good acting colleague and so easy to play off of.

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