Sandy City needed a way to educate the public on the many strides the city had been making to use technology and business intelligence to create efficiencies and streamline connections. From paperless transactions to energy-saving implementations, Sandy needed an umbrella brand to feature all of the things the city rolls out to make the community’s life smarter, faster, and better. I led our creative team to build research for brand planning and developed a brand plan that helped guide the development of the SmartSandy identity design by graphic artist, Kendra Vicken. Finally, I created the brand guidelines and worked with a legal firm to trademark “Smart Sandy. It’s a lifestyle.”

For every new innovative step Sandy City makes, the goal focuses on public awareness. Often when technological logistics and implementations happen within the city, citizens are not always aware of them or the impact they are having on creating cost savings at the city or efficiencies in city-citizen exchange. SmartSandy was designed to shed light on these technological improvements and create resident awareness as each implementation rolls out. Helping constituents understand the intelligence decisions being made and technology advances helps with transparency of efforts and community understanding of how such implementations create a better lifestyle for everyone.

Using an idea team including staff and an intern, we conducted secondary research on smart city initiatives and brand implementations throughout the world. We paired that research with local business intellgence and developed a complete SmartSandy communications plan we used to build a SmartSandy brand that is contemporary and relevant. It was a great opportunity for me to lead the charge of building this brand during the 2020 pandemic to launch in 2021:

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