Through a lot of resident feedback from City Council meetings, social media channels, and town halls, it was obvious that so many citizens tend to be uninformed about all of the moving parts of a city and the services staff members provide to the community. The key was to make content approachable so residents would engage and learn the stories about the people that help run the city. The symbolism of orientation and location in the Sandy Cityology branding allows the series to unfold as a multitude of city functions and city locations get highlighted over time.

The overarching purpose behind the Sandy Cityology brand was to impact community awareness of city functions. The idea of allowing citizens to “peek behind the scenes” of all of the various city functions is endless and by using a method of storytelling and video to elevate the Cityology brand, the intent was to capture the hearts of residents and hopefully shift their thinking about local government to help them realize that it is run by caring employees who maintain the city’s greatest assets with passion and great pride.

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