Ben Graul will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with both he and his sister throughout their youth and teen years. This year, Ben got accepted as 1 of 16 to BYU’s Music Dance Theater program. I have always been impressed with how hard Ben works. I’ve been able to attend many of his performances and wish I had had time for more because every body of work he has taken, he had done so with passion and soulful fire and has portrayed some amazing characters. Let’s just say, Ben Graul has many faces. My favorite moment was seeing him perform a monologue from Angels in America. It was moving and I could see how he received straight superiors and won best dramatic monologue. We have had some amazing lightbulb moments in our sessions over the years and I know Ben will be successful at whatever he pursues. I’m a better human being for knowing someone like Ben.

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