8 members from the Sandy Arts Guild were able to share a musical theater review with the people of Reisa Germany. For me, it was a magical experience. We stayed with a host family and Hendrik and Beatrice Kleditz were the most amazing people. We sang together while Hendrik played the guitar many nights. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life sharing hysterical exchanges with Lisa Grow, Britanni Cavaness, Karla Marsden, Carissa Klitgard, and Gerry Graves. The air quality was so nice there. Some highlights were the evening walk together past the chicken egg farm, shopping in downtown Riesa, performing on the stages for the BurgerFest, the evening dinner at the boathouse, and our day trip to Dressden where we toured the Church of our Lady and the Meissen Factory. The tour of the noodle factory reminded me of an episode of Lavern and Shirley with everyone wearing their coverings. We ate incredible food with the best bread I have ever had along with various meats and cheeses and Wurst in all shapes and sizes. Lisa and I spent many hours goofing around as if we were Carissa’s parents and saying with crazy accents “ve vork three job each fur her to play 12 instruments” along with how Lisa would bury me with a rose from her hair and a hobo dinner “ven I leave” before they close the coffin. We were jokesters to say the least. It’s funny to feel homesick from a place I only visited for a short time but the people were amazing and I will always have the fondest memories of this experience.

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