Working with the client, Beyond Borders, was such a playful and fun opportunity. For a number of years, they distributed their products through national home & decor chains. The unique thing about their product was it took the idea of wallpaper, wall borders and wall design to a new level offering 3D elements that could easily be added and later adjusted in room designs from baby rooms, to kid rooms, and other family home spaces. I helped lead our team to design their brand, creative the corporate identity materials, develop promotional materials, and create packaging for their products. Working closely with box companies, coordinating photo shoots, testing packaging layouts, and fine-tuning consumer copy made this brand journey with them fulfilling. Taking a brand from idea to conception to distribution is exhilarating. When you get to a Home Depot and see all of your hard work on the shelves or end caps, its a thrill to have been part of an ecosystem of creation.

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